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what makes hershey's s'mores special? ness, a day after heated closing arguments in the case anthony murder trial, the juries will get instruction from the judge to dlib the fate of the whom accused of killing her daughter. a neighborhood shut down for eight hours after a awful accident. what happened to one man's july 4th celebration went wrong. and it's the 4th of july tradition for so many families. the picnic. how everyone enjoys the summer underneath the stars. you like the picnic tradition? >>i don't. >> lots of food. >> food? that's every day. >> absolutely. happy 4th of july. it's monday morning. what are you doing up so early i am megan pringle. aid holiday and maybe you have to work like we do. if so, hope your workday is easy and hopefully you will
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stay cool. >> yeah. hope that july 4th will be great for you and your family. be safe. but also, the weather, everyone wants to know what it will be like on this july 4th. let's say good morning to lynette charles with a check of the independence day forecast. >> good morning. we have a chance for maybe some isolated showers to scattered showers and thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon. and it's going to be hot and hazy for today as well. we will get the above average temperatures through the rest of the week and the storm chances are going to continue as well. maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on a lot. we had the afternoon showers and thunderstorms yesterday and continued this morning. but now things are dying down. we like that. the temperature in annapolis is coming in at 69 degrees. arnold is around 71. and edgewater coming in at 70 degrees. again, as we go through the rest of the day, have the rain gear in case, but not everybody is going to get wet. and that's what we like to see. back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot. the american picnic is impossible to know how many americans are planning one for
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today. are you? >> yes, of course. >> there you go. now it's safe to say that it's the number one way many of millions of americans will go out and enjoy the july 4th. now if history proves anything, there will be moments like this one coming up straight ahead. for maybe you and your family, we have the story. >> reporter: picnics have been a part of our american way of life. every president at one point with the picnic photo op. fdr and the first lady on the beach. president reagan and president hw bush with a napkin in his collar and beverage in hand. >> that looks like a lovely spot. >> reporter: and in the movies, picnics have served as a backdrop to dance to -- for chance to find love. -- love. film named "picnic." the 3 legged race, the pie eating contest, and the song ♪ >> reporter: and the andrews picnic scene in the sound of
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muse he can amonth most famous and we dealt with ants. remember their point of view? gazing up at our sandwiches in the movie "ants." >> this is utopia. >> reporter: and the clothes have changed over the years, rita and sophia setting the bar for glamour. the rest of us turn to the basics a tree, a blanket, and that basket of food watermelon and often at the end, a simple wish. perhaps put best by dot and betty in madmen. >> we should do this more often. >> we should only do this. moving onto news around nation this morning, the town of gibsonville, north carolina, is set to get on their 4th of july fireworks celebration. they will have the fireworks extravaganza. thousands are expected to show up and watch the show that is celebrated and scheduled to last about an hour. crews spent sunday getting
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everything ready for the big show. and the ohs and awes were in atlanta. the skies lit for 15 minutes in more than 4,000 fireworks shells in all nearly 500,000 people attended the fun filled event featuring a fantastic light show core gaffed as always -- choreographed as always to great music. the independence day celebrations in d.c. wouldn't be complete without annual concert a dress rehearsal for pbs's 2011 capital force concert was held yesterday. this year's performance jordin sparks kelo "herrara and broadway cast of million dollar quartet and national symphony orchestra. >> and in philidelphia, people took time out before the activities to visit the place where the declaration of independence was signed. now this brought the family and friends out to the independence mall and the people who came out say that the cookouts and
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fireworks are fun, but it's nice to take a moment to see what the 4th of july is really about to this great country. new york city right now, the skies erupted filled with brilliant streaks of red, white and blue and green and gold. the light show ran about 15 minutes long and it was a -- it was a huge crowd pleaser. and those along the boardwalk, it was a easy front row seat to the show from the young to old. spectators loved the grand finale. well the barbeques are not the only thing sizzling. >> an early summer heat wave are forcing some areas to make plans otherwise. we will go to where the pools and places where the ac are packed with people trying to get out of the heat. they are not worried about fireworks. and what's the 4th without fireworks? well some states are finding out this year. why. >> some communities there's going to be no rockets red glare. we will tell you coming up. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only he at 4:30 in the morning.
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now "good morning maryland." parts of california hit with a major heat wave over the weekend. temperatures in los angeles soared as high as 105 degrees. that got most people trying to find places to cool down. officials say not to worry about power outage. they have he plenty electrical generation to go around. but they are encouraging everyone to stay cool. and washington -- a washington state man has severe burns and injuries after a fireworks blew apart a shed and created a crater in the ground. he had been work on what he was dubbed, the super fire work with black powder, model rocket engines and other chemicals when it i go titted. -- i go night. he has -- ignited. officials shut down the neighborhood during the investigation of that explosion. all right. we are looking at the weather for today on the 4th of july.
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and things won't be too bad. showers and thunderstorms yesterday but maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on anything right now. things are calming down a bit. going into the afternoon, things could fire back up. no pun intended. temperatures right now coming in right around 71 degrees in cockeysville and ellicott city at 69. more of the same in laurel. 75 in d.c. and a a list at 69 -- annapolis at 69. here's the forecast for the rest of today. by lunchtime, the temperatures around 88 degrees. 92 is what i forecast for four and here's the forecast for this evening. around 81 at 9, fireworks show, chance for showers and scattered in nature. let's send it back to you. >> all right. no holiday for the jurors in the casey anthony trial. >> that's right. jurors expected to begin deliberations after prosecutors make the final rebuttal argument and that's expected later today. we know tonight fireworks will light up the night sky in baltimore. but, in some states, there's no show. why fireworks were canceled in certain communities.
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that certainly won't be the case here at the inner harbor. a huge fireworks show was planned for tonight as always. i am linda so, what else to do with your family throughout the day in downtown.
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welcome back. after six weeks of testimony, over 80 witnesses towed total, the case -- total, the casey anthony murder trial head to a jury. both sides made -- head to a jury. both sides made closing arguments. prosecution will make rebuttal arguments today. what does this mean in when is it going to go into deliberation? sherrie johnson is here with the story. >> reporter: well, it's a case that has gained national attention. everyone wants justice for 2- year-old caylee. this case has taken a number of twists and turns. prosecutors will have the final word with jurors today before they begin deliberations on casey anthony's fate. 25-year-old casey anthony is charged with caylee's murder. prosecutors say the child was killed because she stood in the way of the fr living lifestyle casey anthony craved. the defense lawyers say little caylee drowned accidently and casey's father disposed of the body. there was a lot of tension in the courtroom yesterday when at one point the defense called
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out the prosecution for laughing and the judge gave the prosecution and defense a stiff warning for a violation of court policy. >> she died because her mother decided that the life she wanted was more important. >> you hate her. if you think she is a lying no good slut, then you will start to look at the evidence in a different light. you will start to wait a minute. maybe i'm seeing something that's not there. >> reporter: if convicted of first-degree murder, casey anthony could be sentenced to death. she also faces manslaughter and child abuse charges. each careying a 30-year sent -- carrying a 30 year sentence. >> they are getting ready to celebrate the 4th of july in grand style. down in the inner harbor, we do it every year. it's the biggest fireworks show that will entertain thousands of people tonight. the abc2 news linda so is live this morning with a preview of what to expect. linda. >> reporter: yeah, well, if you
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lived around here long enough you know what happens down here is huge. the fireworks show will go off tonight at 9:30. but before then, there will be plenty of things to do all day long with you and your family. thousands are expected to come down to the harbor to celebrate america's 235th birthday and make sure everyone stays safe. baltimore police will be out in huge numbers. they are not saying how many cops will be on patrol but like last year more than 300 officers were around the harbor. some in uniform, some who were not. the setup for the fireworks show has begun in curtis bay. barges are stacked with more than 1400 shells. fireworks will last for about 18 minutes all synchronized tomusic. so we will also be a tribute to the national aquarium. >> officers will be in uniform but we are going to have some officers who are out not in uniform. >> reporter: now the fireworks show will start at 9:30 tonight but, again, the live
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entertainment begins at noon. you can find entertainment for the cited at the inner harbor's west shore park by the visitor's center and live performances throughout the day at the amphitheater. live in federal hill, linda so, abc2 news. >> all right, thanks very much and happy 4th of july to you go if you are heading out to the beach or a barbeque, choose a designated driver. but if you can't find one, and you are at a baltimore city bar, there's another option. tipsy taxi will once again be out in full force to get you home safely. they offer free rides home to people in the baltimore area up to the value of $50. they will pick you up at restaurants or bars. you can't call if you are at a house party. the program runs through tonight. the number is 877-963-taxi. and we have got more information posted on our website, charley. >> well, the big 4th of july weekend is well underway and is going to be a hot one. there's no denying that.
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much of the u.s. is being -- is being temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above normal. parts of five states across midwest and southwest are under a heat advisory and warning. for some places in the hot, dry, weather, that means no rockets red glare. the independence day celebrations have been banned. this morning david curly has the story. >> reporter: fire is putting an end to the fireworks. >> a lot of people will be really disappointed. >> reporter: disappointed they won't see this on the 4th. exploding star-spangled fireworks celebrating our country's birth. but for many states, it's just too dangerous. >> the chances of fires getting started are much greater when it is hot and exceptionally dry. >> reporter: wild fires in arizona and new mexico, the bans on fireworks are spreading. but new mexico's governor has limited power. >> i order there be no fireworks whatsoever to be used on state land. that's the only authority i
5:49 am
have as governor. >> reporter: she begged residents to forgo fireworks this year. in texas where more than 3 million acres have been scorched, nearly every county has banned fireworks. and that means 100,000 people in austin for the first time in 35 years won't see fireworks with the texas symphony. so they canceled the show. it's such a fire hazard, the economic hardships are hitting the plans. chicago will have big show on the 4th but the show for the big food fest has been canceled. why? the budget worries. one texas town amarillo has come up with a solution to the problem. no pyrotechnicians. instead, a laser show. >> something new, something different and something safe and really celebrating a wonderful day. >> reporter: the preparations are well underway here in the nation's capital on the mall.
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you can see the band stand going up. the good news for anyone who had the show canceled, this will be broadcast nationally on tv. david carly, abc news, washing -- curly, abc news, washington. >> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> hi. i am meteorologist lynn jet charles on -- lynette charles and on this 4th of july, the low should be right around 65. and the record low was set in 1986. it was 53 degrees then. our record high was setback in 2002. it was 100. so we hit the century mark and now we should be right around 86 degrees for this time of the year. today, i am forecasting above that. yesterday, we were above that as well. we came in right around 93 degrees into baltimore. 90 in easton. patuxent river around 91. dover at 92. basically, 90s across the board except for oakland around 81. 95 degrees in charlottesville.
5:51 am
this morning temperatures are on the warm side and above average. baltimore coming in around 71. and 68 in dulles and we have 68 in winchester and also in hagerstown. york coming in at 67. and 70 in easton. dover right around 72. so we are looking at more temperatures. these are the dew points. we see the green on the map. you know what that means. that means it's pretty humid and it will stay that way throughout the day. the dew points are above 65 so we are feeling the oppressiveness and that's going to continue going into easton coming in around 70. more of the same in culpepper. 66 in frederick. and the satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot in terms of the rainfall and showers and thorls and that's what we like to see at this time. going into the afternoon, yes, we have a chance for more isolated to scattered showers to pop up as this cold front advances into a stationary front. it's going to stall out and we will have the chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. and it's possible the further to the east you go.
5:52 am
eastern shore and ocean city looks like you will get wet going through the remainder of today. tomorrow looks to be better. but the temperature coming in right around 92. and it's going to be hot and hazy and those isolated thunderstorms are possible in the forecast. and then here's your 4th of july forecast for tonight around 9 p.m. temperatures at 81. the chance for scattered showers and also thunderstorms in the forecast once again for you. heading out and about, take the rain gear in case, but all in all, it looks like it's going to be hit or miss as we go throughout the time frame. now as we go into tomorrow, it's going to be look like a much better day in the forecast. that temperature is coming in around 90. and we could see mostly sunny skies and it will be a drier day on tap. fireworks can be lighting the skies -- will be lighting the skies of charm city. >> stay with us. you don't have to go downtown to see them. where else you can catch the show. it's been a dangerous boating season across the shore. what authorities are saying you need to know and do before getting in the boat. you are watching "good morning
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maryland" first and only at 4:30. ♪
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♪ hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in a little drop of chocolate. pure hershey's. ♪ hershey's chocolate syrup. stir up a smile. hey just a reminder if you
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make plans to go out for the july 4th activities, we will be popping a few fireworks at the inner harbor. >> they are. >> yes amazing when you think about that. inner harbor right there. starts at 9:30. you may see one or two go off. go to for all the places you can go to see the action. >> don't forget about catonsville. they have a great show. if you go boating, it's important to wear your life jackets. the water police will be out in full force to make sure everyone enjoys a safe boat ride. the case anthony trial continues today. the defense rested during the weekend. now, the case is going into the jury today after rebuttal arguments from the prosecution scheduled for this morning. president obama flew home from the weekend at camp david. tonight, he will host friends and guest on the south lawn for independence day celebrations. no one wants to be caught running a red light. >> for sure. this morning, there's a warning about the cameras. what you need to know so you don't get scamed out of your
5:57 am
money. a man on a mission is a cautionary tale. why the message on the helmet law ended in tragedy. fireworks, picnics and stuffing your face with hot dogs. the food eating contests. >> what a wonderful image. >> yes. it's a tradition of part of the 4th of july. we will take you to the preparations coming up. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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now "good morning maryland." a weekend fires kills one person and sends another to the hospital. an update from the edgewater fire. and a question baltimore city police are now asking you and it's going to start our 11 newscast. do you know where your kids are? >> reporter: the 4th means fireworks. i am linda so. we are live here at the inner harbor. what he planned for tonight's big show and also -- what's planned for tonight's big show and what else you can do with your family througut

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